Is pennyroyal toxic to goats?

Asked April 23, 2016, 10:47 AM EDT

Is pennyroyal toxic for goats to eat? We are in Douglas County--Umpqua area--and raise Lamancha dairy goats. One of our pastures has become about 1/3 full of pennyroyal (in the Wetter areas of the pasture--it's on a slope). The goats nibble on it but don't seem terribly interested, as there is plenty of grass and blackberry for them to eat. I've heard and read conflicting reports on the toxicity, pertaining to the oils and to the plant itself--some sources say it is toxic, others say it isn't--and we are concerned. If it is toxic, do you have any good ideas on how to get rid of it?


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Hello, Thank you for the good photos. Pennyroyal is toxic, but only if animals eat a lot of the plants or if the someone concentrates the oils from the plant and consumes it. It causes irritation to the stomach and intestines. Pennyroyal should not be a problem for your goats as long as they have plenty of good grasses, legumes, and browse to eat. The goats will avoid the strong essential oils smell and taste.

Be careful not to let animals walk through the mint in the wet times of the year as they will spread it throughout the pasture. Keep a good competitive crop of forage or browse so that the mint doesn't have opportunity to take over bare ground.