Watering established incense cedars in dry weather

Asked April 21, 2016, 3:34 PM EDT

My landlord has incense cedars surrounding the house and was told in the hot dry summer to use a drip hose not too close to the tree trunk and was also told not to use a deep root feeder since the trees are already well established. Since the trees are on a slope, it appears that drip hose watering may allow water to run off before it soaks in. May I have your watering advice for dry summer weather? - (I am responsible to water the back yard and keep vegetation healthy)
Thank you & regards Gayl

Lane County Oregon

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generally, trees need slow watering rather than fast, but a slow trickling hose for one hour once a week typically is sufficient. It doesn't usually runoff if the water flow is slow. It is true that well established trees do not need supplemental watering in most years. But watering will never hurt unless you overwater!