Citrus (Lemon) Sap

Asked April 20, 2016, 11:22 PM EDT

A client has a lemon tree in his front yard and there is sap formation all over from the base of the tree upward. the tree sits face the ocean, there are many ants on the tree--but not sure if this may be the culprit, there are weeds over covering the tree but easily manageable. Would any happen to know what this is?

Northern Mariana Islands

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Your best bet is to find a local plant pathologist. Check with the county extension office. I don't know what county you're in, so here are the numbers for

Saipan: (670) 234-5498 Ext. 6840
Rota (670) 532-9513
Tinian: (670) 433-0639

Good luck!