Greater Yellow Underwing larva Question

Asked April 20, 2016, 9:14 PM EDT

I found a greater yellow underwing and have been taking care of the catapillar for 3 week until now when its buried itself in the dirt. I put 3 inches of dirt in a jar and its disappeared there for 2 days now. My friend found one and is having the same problem. I was wondering if this is because it is ready to turn into a cocoon or not. If so is it possible for you to tell me a estimate of how long until it turns into a moth? Thank you if you can, It would be greatly appreciated. :D

Middlesex County New Jersey

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Hello, and thanks for your question,

By greater yellow underwing, it sounds like we are talking about the Large Yellow Underwing (scientific name: Noctua pronuba). Based on one source, it is believed that the pupa (cocoon) stage is approximately 6 weeks. It could vary by one to two months. You may have to wait for awhile.

If you update us with the time underground, that would be of great help.


Thank you for the info now i know that i do not have to always check on it all the time. thanx again :D