Something is killing my noble fir trees

Asked April 20, 2016, 8:32 PM EDT

I have been having a significant die off of noble firs. Last year, I lost a considerable number of trees. I called the OSU extension office forestry department, and they told me it was because of the drought, and to give them water. I put soaker hoses on the trees, and still lost a considerable number. Once a tree started to brown, there was not bringing it back. Now this spring, I have already lost two more trees, and have multiple trees showing the same symptoms as last year. Obviously this is not drought related (yet). The symptoms are browning starting on the south side of the tree, starting mid branch, and then spreads to tip until entire branch is brown. Some trees have it on the bottom, and others are mid tree.

Marion County Oregon

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Your photos 1 and 3 look like phytophthora root rot. Picture 2 is hard to see. You can get a more full description of the disease by searching the disease and noble fir. And looking in the PNW disease handbook on line is helpful.