Tatarian Maple tree saplings

Asked April 20, 2016, 8:16 PM EDT

I have a Tatarian Maple (Hot Wing) tree that's about 7 years old. There's a few saplings around the trunk, can these be safely removed and transplanted? If so, how's the best way to do this?

Natrona County Wyoming

1 Response

The Tatarian Maple is somewhat prolific about spreading seeds and having them successfully germinate. If these truly are seedlings that germinated from the seed of the tree they will be a distance away from the main trunk. This tree is also somewhat prone to sending up suckers from the base of the trunk. These suckers should be pruned away from the trunk and eliminated. But the seedlings can be dug up and transplanted or potted to grow in a container until a suitable site can be located.

If you need more information or want tree care materials and details on transplanting don't hesitate to contact the local extension office (307) 235-9400.