Asked April 20, 2016, 4:42 PM EDT

Are VFW's exempt from the zoning ordinance pertaining to signage? Our township doesn't allow temporary signage. The VFW has burger night to raise funds and want to put out a temporary sign the night before and day of the event. It is a weekly event during summer months.

Muskegon County Michigan zoning zoning enforcement sign regulation

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For a list of what is exempt from zoning in Michigan see Land Use Series "Restrictions on Zoning Authority" (http://lu.msue.msu.edu/pamphlet/Blaw/AcrobatZoningCanNot.PDF, found at web page http://lu.msue.msu.edu/pamphlets.htm#court).

VFW is not on that list.

However your sign regulations must be content-neutral. That is to say if the enforcement officer, or zoning administrator, has to read the sign to know what regulation applies: that type of regulation cannot be done. How would one know a sign is temporary or not, without reading it?

Within a week or so there will be a more detailed article about sign regulation at http://msue.anr.msu.edu/topic/info/planning.