Tomato plants

Asked April 20, 2016, 3:02 PM EDT

We have always put large cans around our plants for protection. I have been told not to do this as they probably won't get enough water when it rains. Seems to be no common ground. Have also been told to just wrap tin foil around the base about 3 in for cut worms. What do you suggest?

Becker County Minnesota

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There really is no need to put large cans around your tomatoes when you plant them. If you are planting very small plants into the garden in a very windy area a little protection until they have been out for a short time is ok but really unnecessary. Make sure that it isn't going to frost. Tomatoes need warm temps for growing. I would cage or put your stakes in at planting time so you don't damage the plants later. I don't think I would wrap aluminum foil around the stem as you could damage it in the process and it would also limit the plants ability to grow properly. Some people do insert a wooden match next to the stem or put cardboard collar around the stem if you are prone to having cutworm problems. They will both break down through the course of the year.