Asked April 20, 2016, 10:47 AM EDT

We have small black bugs exploring our kitchen. They are about the size of the period(.) at the end of a sentence, egg shaped. They don't seem able to fly. We're also finding a few all over the house. How do we invite them to leave?

Kent County Delaware

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You will need to collect some and place them in an empty pill bottle or plastic bag before bringing them into your local cooperative extension office. Your closest office and contact info are: 69 Transportation Circle, Dover, Delaware
Phone: (302) 730-4000.

Based on your description I cannot make any comments without seeing the arthropod. After you drop it off, the staff there will examine the specimen. If they are unable to identify it, then they send it up to the diagnostic lab. The process may take up to 10 days, but is frequently much less.