We bought a batch of new banties in early spring.. We kept them in a tote...

Asked April 19, 2016, 12:41 PM EDT

We bought a batch of new banties in early spring.. We kept them in a tote with a heat lamp until they got to big for the tote.. My husband put them in a coop and they thrived at first.,. Starting lst week slowly but surely they started to die.. As of today they are all dead. What could have happened.. ?

Marion County Alabama

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I am sorry to read about the death of your bantams. From what you have described I would guess that the birds caught a highly virulent bacterial disease or maybe coccidiosis. However with out any symptoms it is hard to say what the birds died of. My advice is if you plan on getting chickens again, completely sanitize the coop they are going to be placed in. Also if the birds start getting sick call either AU's department of poultry science or the state of AL diagnostic labs.
Included are the links to two articles that should help. The first deals with biosecurity and if my memory serves me it describes how the premise should be cleaned. The second one has the phone numbers to the poultry science department and the diagnostic labs.
Good luck!