Hello! I have a very young baby chick (bantam - unsure of breed) who seems to...

Asked April 18, 2016, 10:34 PM EDT

Hello! I have a very young baby chick (bantam - unsure of breed) who seems to have a moderately prolapsed vent. I purchased three bantams (and 6 rhode islands) from a Tractor Supply and all three bantams had pasty vents. I rinsed the chicks' hind ends with warm water and gently loosened the stool. Immediately after, the chicks defecated. I then dried them with a blow dryer on low. The one chick's vent seemed to protrude after and the poor thing just peeped non stop. I've seen it drink and eat food and seems to have energy. All chicks are sleeping now (I don't hear any loud peeping like before). I tried to push the mass gently but it didn't move so I stopped, not wanting to cause further injury. Is there anything else that I can do to help the chick? I've provided "Save A Chick" electrolyte solution, in addition to their regular water and food, to help with any additional stress related illness. I'm going to call vets in the morning as well. Please help! Thank you! Sincerely, Alexis Foht

Lake County Ohio

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Sorry but I don't have anything different to tell you that you could do for the chick. You have done exactly what I would have done by cleaning the vent, etc. I would suggest that a vet check it they may be able to suggest something medical to help it. Or you could give it a couple of days and it may heal on its own by making sure the vent does not get pasty again.