Asked April 18, 2016, 10:06 PM EDT

Hi, When first moving in I ordered these fast growing trees, not knowing much about trees. These trees were tiny, but grew fast. The only annoying aspect is the cotton type buds that come in the Spring and blow around. My concern is that most tree companies always single these trees out and suggest to cut them down. They are far enough from house, that I don't think they will hit the house, but could be close. The tree experts say that the trees have limited lifetime. What is the expert opinion on these trees? Thanks. Jim

Carroll County Maryland

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This are short-lived trees, relatively speaking (around 15 - 20 years). Assuming they will not get so tall that felling them will be a problem with them hitting the house, there is no reason to remove them now. Just be aware of their short life span and the bigger they get the more tree will need to be removed. In other climates, they live longer.