What "weed" is growing in my lawn?

Asked April 18, 2016, 7:58 PM EDT

Throughout my lawn I have patches of this straw-colored "weed" that is slowly turning green as the weather turns warm. Please tell me about the identity and habit of the "weed" and how to eliminate it as each year there are more patches showing up in the lawn.

Frederick County Maryland

3 Responses

This is nimblewill, a perennial grass weed. Here is our website profile on it (it is on the RIGHT side of the photo): http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/nimblewill

Note that mowing too short encourages this weed. Turf should be mowed 3 1/2 , even 4" high. Also, it prefers shade, but does fine in sun as well.

It is very difficult to selectively kill a grass weed growing in a grass lawn. There is an herbicide called Tenacity which will kill it, but it is expensive. If your nimblewill is limited now to only a portion of your lawn, it is worthwhile to dig it up or renovate that part of the lawn (kill that part of the lawn and reseed it). Fall is best for renovation.


THANKS for the quick informative response!!!