Weeping Willow Tree

Asked April 18, 2016, 4:39 PM EDT

I have an approx. 10 yr. old weeping willow tree that we planted 8 or 9 yrs. ago and has been doing

beautifully. It started to leaf this spring - then I think we had a freeze and now nothing is on it.

A few of the branches still look a little green, but most of it seems dead. Will it come back? What

do we do? Maybe it wasn't the frost - we had our lawn sprayed by a company for weed control and

fertilizer - could that have hurt it?

It's been about a week and no answer to my question ?????

Richmond Virginia horticulture

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Good Afternoon:

Can you please provide some pictures of your tree? Sounds like it could just be weather damage but I need to see the plant to determine what the problem could be.


Brittany A. Council

I do not know how to send a picture.

It just looks like a dead tree now. Guess a willow would not fill back out if we cut is down

to the trunk?

Good Morning:

Is there any way you can submit a plant sample to the local extension office? It is difficult to make an assessment without seeing the damage as it can be a number of things wrong. Depending on the health of the tree will determine if it will grow back after being cut down to the trunk but in most cases it will not. Hope this helps.