Frost Date

Asked April 18, 2016, 1:53 PM EDT

What is the frost date for theMedford area?

Jackson County Oregon horticulture

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it all depends on where in the Medford area you live. The airport is at 1435 feet elevation. The weather station at the airport gives an average date of last frost as April 28. For locations higher than that (for instance, southwestern Medford foothills) the date can be as much as two weeks later. Keep in mind that these are "median" dates which are derived by listing all the dates of last frost over a period of years and picking the one in the middle of the list. What that means is that there is a 50% chance that we will have frost after the median date. Listed record lows for the Medford Airport are currently in the mid 20's. (They've been keeping records since the early 1900's.) The general rule is to keep sensitive plants like tomato starts protected on nights when the forecast is below 35.