Encouraging miner bees in W. Baltimore City 4/18/16

Asked April 18, 2016, 12:57 PM EDT

I'm looking for suggestions on how to attract miner bees (and any other pollinators, for that matter) I have recently constructed a 'paper tube' style wooden block house for them, and secured it on top of a 14' tall upside-down clay pot in the middle of my pepper patch. I'm trying to hold off on mowing, especially the wild flowers. The lawn is a pretty healthy hodge-podge, and I do not spray it or fertilize it in any way, nor do most of my neighbors. I haven't planted any of my pepper seedlings yet, and obviously, they won't be flowering any time soon, but lots of other plants in the immediate area are in bloom. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Also, do we know of the impact of the upcoming cicada invasion on bee populations?

Baltimore Maryland

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The periodical cicadas are not due for many years. The larvae live in the soil and eat vegetatively, which they also do after emergence. We have never heard of that having any impact on pollinators.

Here is our webpage article on pollinators and how to attract them (the links are good, too): http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/earth-friendly/how-attract-and-conserve-pollinatorsnatural-enemies-you... Many good plant ideas.

People usually are trying to discourage mining bees! But the conditions that attract them should work for you. They show up in thin, sparse lawns, or beds, and dry sunny soft or sandy soils. If you provide that, they may come.