Asked April 18, 2016, 11:42 AM EDT

I was wondering what type of tree I could plant on the right side of my house? There is a little fountain I moved and want to plant a tree. In the summer, there is not much sun due to my neighbor's trees. Our soil in White Bear Lake is very sandy. Last year I purchased a Japanese Maple online that is 4 inches tall (lol) knowing that they actually don't grow in Minnesota. Do you have any thoughts of a tree that can stay small, can handle shade and is attractive (the other side of my home has a very small hydrangea tree that only produces one flower a year due to the shade from an extremely old oak tree :-(. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. I have two emails or

Anoka County Minnesota

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Here is a list of small trees that can tolerate some shade. The trees' attributes are described as well as the growing requirements. I hope you can find something you like from this list!

Thanks, Susan! I will check them out.