Yellow Jackets

Asked April 17, 2016, 9:09 PM EDT

Our yard seems to be overrun with yellow jackets. We have several traps set around the yard. However, it is very hard to mow without the yellow jackets attacking the person mowing. How can we get rid of them.

Marion County Oregon yellow jackets

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Yellowjackets are a gardener’s friend since they consume plant-eating insects. However their aggressive behavior towards people around their nests causes problems. If only yellowjackets would realize that their behavior has dire consequences. You are on the right track by setting out traps with lures. The pheromone lure only lasts 2 weeks, so change them regularly. Here is a link to UC Davis’ pest management page. How to Manage Yellowjackets and Other Social Wasps May you soon be able to mow your yard without donning protective clothing.