What should I raise for my domestic use: Goat or Sheep

Asked April 17, 2016, 8:17 AM EDT

Dear Team,
I am wanting a dairy animal to produce my own milk at home. We don't
want a cow, and had basically decided to get a goat when I read in a
magazine about dairy sheep. It sounded interesting so I followed up on
it. But most of the info I found online is about producing sheep milk
for commercial purposes. I have read a lot of info on goats and we had
a nubian(Bonnie Goat) growing up. I am wondering if anyone has ever
milked a sheep for their own family's use or if that is impractical. I
would also like to hear the pros and cons of both animals from those
who have raised them. Thanks so much for your help...

Outside United States

3 Responses

For milk for home consumption, i would suggest a dairy goat. there are many dairy goat breeds that are excellent milk producers. As a whole, goats are used more than sheep for home milk. I think the main reason is dairy goats are much more available. East Friesian is a breed of sheep that is excellent for milking but the chances of finding this breed of sheep in your area would most likely be limited. I think goats as a rule tend to be more docial and tend to become more pet like when a sheeps temperment is not. the other thing to consider is how much milk would a goat vs a sheep give you. It would take some research on the sheep to answer that question. Hopes this helps.

Dear Paula,
I need dairy animal for my use only. I have a dairy goat for my family. I am 36. I am feeling weakness. I decided to take pure milk in my daily routine. What you suggest me to buy, a goat or a sheep?

I would suggest a dairy goat for the reasons i mentioned in the first response.