can a ;sun plant survive if moved to shade for 3 hours a day?

Asked April 16, 2016, 2:19 PM EDT

My 92 year old mom lives with us. She had a stroke 5 years ago and doesn't get around much. She was an avid gardener & has come to love watching the hummingbirds & butterflies out the window of our family room for most of the day. My question is: I'm growing a butterfly bush and other hummingbird & butterfly attracting plants in containers that can be moved. They will be in the sun most of the day but I' like to move them outside her window for 3-4 houurs a day so she can enjoy them. Will the plants survive that & will they attract hummingbirds and butterflies if I put them by the window at the same time everyday? If you have any ideas that would allow her to enjoy this time each day I'd LOVE to hear them & thank you dearly.

Mercer County New Jersey

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The plants should thrive if you move them and Hopefully, the butterflies and hummingbirds will follow. Consider plants that grow in the shade for the humingbirds such as Fuschia and dothers. You can also place a birdbath and hummingbird feeder in the area as additional attractants and food source. Look at the attached link for more ideas on creating and attracting butterflies and hummingbirds