Woody Growth in Grass

Asked April 15, 2016, 10:47 PM EDT

I have this odd woody growth in my lawn- its several inches in irregular width and about 2 inches in height. It is in areas where there are no trees otherwise I would think it is tree roots. I'm concerned because I'm getting more spots not less.

Does anyone know what this is and how to treat it?
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Pamela Keel

Boulder County Colorado lawns and turf

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Pamela - I am doing my best to picture what you have described and having a hard time, is it possible to please email us a photo-up close and far away? Is this something that just appeared or happens each season? Spring? A couple of guesses might be aspen suckers from a neighbor's tree, but they wouldn't be wide or irregular, they would be more like leafy sticks. Or perhaps snow mold, which from far away may appear spotty.

Thank you, we'll look for your photos,

Boulder County Master Gardener Desk

Hi and thank you for your response.

Sorry I am so late in reciprocating.

I figured out the weird growths were tree roots! It seems like maybe I need to add more soil to my backyard so the roots are covered. Is that usually what people do in a case like this?
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Putting soil over tree roots can have an unwanted effect on the future growth and survival of existing the rees. When soil or any type of fill is placed over the existing root system, it causes a reduction in the oxygen supply to the tree roots and slows down the rate of gas exchange between the roots and the air in the soil pore space. You may want to remove the grass around the tree roots and replace it with mulch.