Where to find seed potatoes

Asked April 15, 2016, 4:55 PM EDT

I would like to try and grow potatoes in a container. I would only need 2 - 3 seed potatoes. Can you tell me where I could purchase these? I live in the Midway area of St. Paul. I was hoping to plant small red potatoes. Thank you

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Hi, and thanks for contacting AaE.

There are lots of resources for folks wanting to grow potatoes - whether in a field, in a back yard garden or in containers. Unfortunately we can not recommend any commercial growers because doing so is a conflict of interest as our mission as an educational institution.

However..., if you can buy some organically grown potatoes (red - white - purple, whatever), you should be able to use these spuds as the starters for your new potato garden.

The reason to use organically grown vegetables is that these plants have not been treated with chemicals or radiation in order to inhibit sprouting. All of the Twin Cities Co-ops, and Whole Foods feature organically grown foods. You should be able to find some great little potatoes there!

And even though it seems like you've done lots of research about this growing method, here is some more information about starting new potato plants: