Asked April 15, 2016, 4:31 PM EDT

when is the best time to apply grub control such as scott's grubex. i live in northeast phila 19116

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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Here is an excerpt from a Penn State publication about white grubs in home lawns. and here is a link to the publication.
Chemical—Curative or Rescue Home Lawn White Grub Strategy
You need to apply a curative application during the summer when the grubs are small and actively feeding near the surface. Depending on where you are located in Pennsylvania, this could be from August through mid-September. You will need to sample on a regular basis to determine the absence or presence of grubs and which larval instar is actively feeding. In some cases you may be able to spot treat where the damage is located. Curative grub controls usually have short active residual periods. Therefore, a curative application has to be made at the proper time. Optimum timing can vary by several weeks but is dependent on grub species and weather conditions/soil temperatures in a given year. Please note that all products should be irrigated in after treatment according to specific label directions.