Apple rootstock for light sandy soils in Carlton County?

Asked April 15, 2016, 10:33 AM EDT

We just moved to Carlton county. We are on light sandy soil. I'm concerned about getting apple trees with the proper rootstock for our soils since most soils in Carlton, St Louis, and over in WI are heavier. I'm thinking nurseries will be selling trees more suited towards those soils. If I go to a nursery, what should I be asking for in regards to rootstock? Or do I just buy whatever I can find and make sure I keep it watered?

Carlton County Minnesota

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It's unlikely that any apple
trees you buy that were locally started and grown will be a problem. I suspect that trees that you might buy from a "big box" store would not be labled with the plant's provenance, not would the employees be able to tell you.

Here is some lengthy, rather detailed reading about apple rootstocks. 'Maybe more than you want to know!: