Where can I locally get pollen for my apple tree?

Asked April 14, 2016, 1:48 PM EDT

Hi! We have a lone apple tree in our yard that has never produced apples. I guess there isn't another one nearby. (We have lived here 11 years.) I do not know the variety of tree. I would love to hand pollinate it to see if we can get it to produce fruit. I cannot seem to find a pollen source locally though. (?!) My idea was to try to get a couple different types of apple pollen and paint them on different blooms on different parts of the tree when the flowers bloom, then see which (if any) work. I would appreciate any important tips to know in order to successfully do this and especially, where in the world can I get pollen? (St. Paul, or Minneapolis) The tree is budding, so I don't have long...! Thank you!!

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I have no idea where you can get pollen for this tree. Pollen isn't something that is commercially available.

Your best best is to drive around and find some other apple or crab-apple tree that is blooming now - and ask the owner if you can collect some.

Be aware however, that some apple trees are self-sterile and cannot be pollinated by any trees.

Here is an article that contains information about pollinating fruit crops by hand. Make not of the "references, and resources" near the end of the article.

Good luck!