Horse manure

Asked April 14, 2016, 12:59 PM EDT

Looking for a source for a small amt of fresh horse manure for garden fertilizer- live in Gaithersburg. Thanks

Montgomery County Maryland

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We don't keep track of that, but suggest seeking out a community horse center or calling your local Extension office to see if they have local suggestions:

You should know that fresh manure should not be used as garden fertilizer. It must be composted and aged for 6 months to a year before use. You could get it now and put it somewhere in your yard to age and add it to the garden in the fall.
Otherwise, you could buy bagged compost, manure or Leaf Gro. If you have any bagged or piles of leaves from last fall you could crusth or mow them into smaller pieces and add them to your soil also.
Depending on the barn/horse owner you find, they may have a pile of aged manure available.