Brown Rot on Cherry Tree

Asked April 14, 2016, 12:39 PM EDT

How do I organically prevent Brown Rot from destroying my cherry crop this year. Lost the entire crop last year and have removed all debris and pruned tree to allow more air flow. Is there an organic spray I can use and when should it be applied?

New Castle County Delaware

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Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. Actually, I did send you something yesterday morning and it bounced-back as 'un-responded' ... so, here's a second attempt.

Checkout the following sites for more information ... Purdue, Cornell and West Virginia University cooperative extensions have good factsheets, which also can be downloaded as a .pdf. I tried to attach the .pdf version and think that is what caused the 'glitch'.

The Perdue information sheet discusses allowing a sulfur fungicide as acceptable by organic farming standards. I would confirm this with our state organic farming organization (DOFA). They can be reached via.:

Brown rot needs to be controlled not only by removing decaying leaves and fruit from under the tree, but also removing the mummies that persist on branches from prior years. Brown rot spores can also overwinter in cankers on branches. It is recommended to prune-out branches that contain cankers. Prune in dry weather. ~DOT