iv never seen this spider before

Asked April 14, 2016, 6:19 AM EDT

What kind of spider is this? Is it poisonous

Outside United States spiders spider identification

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I can't be absolutely certain from just your photo because of some distortion in the glass, but this appears to be a woodlouse hunter spider, scientific name: Dysdera crocata, family Dysderidae. As their name implies, the favorite prey items of these spiders are pillbugs, sowbugs, "roly-polies", and woodlice (all isopod crustaceans), although they will also prey on insects and other arthropods as the opportunity arises. This spider is native to Europe but has been moved around the globe by humans and now is considered almost cosmopolitan in distribution. They are common around human habitations, gardens, farms, fields and forests, especially in moist areas where pillbugs are found. They hide under rocks and logs during the day and are mostly active at night. They do not make or use a web to capture prey items, rather, they wander around actively hunting them. They will occasionally wander into houses, but usually do not take up permanent residence there. Despite the fearsome look of their large chelicerae and fangs, which help them pierce the hard shells of the pillbugs, these spiders are not considered harmful to humans. The rare bites by this spider are supposedly less severe than a bee sting. I have included some links below to websites with more information about these spiders.