Fruit Trees to Plant 2016

Asked April 13, 2016, 11:51 PM EDT

I lost 8 plum trees (2 beautiful Italian and the others I think self-propagating English), 2 cherry trees and 2 flowering bushes in 2015. I want to know what fruit trees to grow this year to replace all of these. I am very unhappy about it. Some of them were very old trees.

Denver County Colorado

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There are two and more CSU fact sheets that might help you choose fruit trees/shrubs for the front range.

1. #7.423 Trees and shrubs for Mountain areas discusses crabapple trees, and chokecherry and Newport plum which can be shrub or tree. Although these are not good eating fruits, they are more adapted to the Rocky Mountain Region and its unpredictable weather.

2. #7.424 Flowering Crabapple trees details the hardiness of crab apples,i.e. recommends a few species that are more hardy for the Rocky Mountain region. Thunderchild is one of those species.

These two fact sheets have been attached for your use.