Ground Ivy Control

Asked April 13, 2016, 3:11 PM EDT

What Lawn product may I buy to remove the ground ivy (creeping Charlie). I live in Baltimore City. It is covering my backyard. Please help. Will any of the lawn care products work that is sold at the various store, such as Home Depot?

Baltimore Maryland

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If more than 1/2 of your yard is weeds (including the creeping Charlie), you need to simply kill the turf and start over with a renovation. There are herbicides that will kill creeping Charlie, but that's not the best approach. This is because if you selectively kill that amount of weeds, your turf cannot fill in the areas of killed weeds faster than new weeds will reinfest.You just waste time and money. Renovation should be done in late summer (August) and early fall, which is the best time to grow grass from seed.

This will explain how to renovate: