deer proof plants

Asked April 13, 2016, 12:46 AM EDT

Suggestions for plants to replace pachysandra in one row along a path to the front door where there are many voracious deer. There is partial sun. Thanks very much.

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There is nothing that deer will not eat is they are hungry enough. That said, there are possibilities that are low on their preference lists, so to speak. (We assume you want evergreen or semi-evergreen.)

Moss phlox, phlox stolonifera and especially Allegheny pachysandra (not like the usual, Japanese, pachysandra--look at Google images) are all native and make good choices. (Have never known deer to eat the last one at all.)

Some non-native possibilities include: sweetbox, lamb's ears and liriope and sedge.

Here is our pub that gives deer plant preferences:
and an added addendum: