Raspberries broke off near ground level and have dark streaks

Asked April 12, 2016, 4:09 PM EDT

I have a raspberry bed about 6 years old, golden raspberries. Last year when thousands of berries were forming, the a few canes started to die, so when I went to cut them off, they broke off near ground level. Looked like they may have been chewed a bit there. Also there are long black/blue lines on them. This continued when they should have been ripening the berries, and they all were broken off by end of season. Thank you, Judy

Kandiyohi County Minnesota

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Hi Judy, It sound like your plants have been infected with some sort of disease. Without some good quality photos, better description of the plants, canes and history it's difficult at this point to say just exactly what it is.

The blue lines in the canes leads me to think that they may have Cane Blight - which is an all-purpose term for a number of diseases that affect raspberries - :

Here is some additional information about raspberries in Minnesota.

I realize that this is somewhat generalized, but if you read over this information you may be able to diagnose just what has been going on. If you need further help, please contact us again.