What kind of wood is this? Apple, Pear or other fruit wood?

Asked April 9, 2016, 8:32 AM EDT

This tree and an Apple went down in the North Carolina Mountains. I want to use it for wooden spoons and bowls if it is a hard wood or especially if a fruit wood. Can you help me by looking at the attached picture and tell me what you think. I am trying to identify the big logs in the three attached pictures. Thanks for your help in advance. I painted the ends with Anchorseal to keep the wood from drying out. Disregard the birch log I used for a prop.

Davidson County North Carolina

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I would suggest that you take an actual piece of the wood to the the NC Forrest Service - Davidson Co. Office, located on Newsome Lane near Denton. The phone number is (336) 859-9171. I highly recommend you make an appointment with them before you go.