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Asked April 9, 2016, 2:25 AM EDT

My coworkers and I paid $20.00 to never have to take the test. Just attend class every five years. Our new boss isn't going to give the test anymore. Would we be able to sit in on your classes and get certified without taking the test. If so, will it cost anything?

Fayette County Pennsylvania

3 Responses

The State regulations have changed and the regulation now requires that those wishing to be certified must take the exam every 5 years.

What you are mentioning, recertification through the state, no longer exists.

So unfortunately, your owner will need to review how he wishes to approach this.

As I already stated above we know we have to take the class every 5 years. Just not the test. We know we have to find a class on our own. I asked if the class I'm asking the question about would honor our not have to take the test part. And If so how much is the class.

The test must be taken every 5 years. There is no requirement that the class be taken. Penn State offered the class and the exam, but not separately. The cost is 185.