What caused my problem????

Asked April 8, 2016, 12:45 AM EDT

Soil test from compost bed; phosphorus [548] lbs/acre excessive, calcium [3899] l/a excessive, zinc [114] l/a toxic.Was advised not to use compost.Construction of bed; straw, leaves, grass clippings, garden soil, nothing else.In isolated area of garden, no run off or other structures in the area.
Please advise as to my problem.

Lexington County South Carolina

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It would be helpful to look at the soil sample report in its entirety. Was your soil sampled through NCDA? If so, what is the soil sample report number?

When you are creating a soil mix, using high amounts of compost (particularly composts including animal manures) can result in high levels of phosphorus and heavy metals.

I would encourage you to contact your local extension office directly to discuss and problem solve your particular issue. In Onslow County, that number is 910.455.5873 or you can email me directly at lisa_rayburn@ncsu.edu and include your soil sample report number so I can look at it in more detail.

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