slight mold on indoor soil on top

Asked April 7, 2016, 5:25 PM EDT

I have planted seeds in potting soil indoors. The pot is 8 inches deep and a couple of feet long. There is plenty of light in the room as there are skylights and they are in front of sliding doors that let light in. I kept a some hard plastic on top allowing space for air to get in at the edges. Then I put a towel on top for darkness and warmth. A couple of days later I saw slight white on top of the soil. What should I do now? Should I put this soil in my outside garden dumping the whole container and start over planting seeds?

Montgomery County Maryland soil mold seed

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Expose your soil to air. Take any cover off. If fungus continues to grow and the seedlings do not, start over. You can dump the soil outside. When seedlings emerge, put them under a fluorescent light with the bulb a half inch above the seedlings. vw