We have a peach tree and 2 branches broke/split. First photo is of the...

Asked April 6, 2016, 6:17 PM EDT

We have a peach tree and 2 branches broke/split. First photo is of the branch on a main trunk that we would like to save if possible. The second photo is the other branch that split. Is there anyway we can save these? IF so, how? Also, is there a special way to cut fruit tree branches to avoid disease? Do you have any recommendations for services in the Fort Collins area? Thanks, Cherrie

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Hi Cherrie,

The prognosis for your peach isn't good and I'm hesitant to give you any hope that the tree will survive and continue to produce beyond this season. The wound on the bottom is significant and has cut deep into the heartwood of the tree. The tree will be structurally unsound at the wound and could fail. Also, with a wound that large, disease and insects can occur.

For all trees (even fruit trees), it's recommended to use proper pruning cuts. For information on pruning, please see: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/mg/Gardennotes/612.html

Use the three-cut pruning technique to reduce tearing of additional bark. Plus, clean up the wound so there are no wood shards or slivers. Do not use pruning paint or any other products on the wound....the tree will attempt to seal the wound (if the tree is healthy enough).

But honestly look at the tree. Once you remove those branches, will the tree have any structural and aesthetic appeal? Though it's difficult to remove trees, sometimes it's better to cut your loss than to invest time, money and water into a species that may not survive.