army worms and aphids

Asked April 5, 2016, 8:18 PM EDT

We have ornamentals and vegetables and the army worms and aphids seem to get them every year. I have tried peppermint sprays and soaps, but it's been a big problem. One local nursery recommended the product Eight. We try to keep our practices as organic as possible. WE are in the wetlands of Eugene. Thanks! Christy

Lane County Oregon

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Aphids can be controlled with Insecticidal Soap but it may need re-treatment at regular intervals since soaps have no residual activity. Eight Insecticide is permethrin which will last longer. Eight will also work against armyworm but a more organic choice would be spinosad. Ask your nursery for an insecticide that contains spinosad. Also, be sure to use genuine Insecticidal Soap, other soaps are not intended to be sprayed on plants.