Mystery plants in our front yard

Asked April 5, 2016, 7:05 PM EDT

Hi, We've not been in our current home very long - in the metro D.C. area - and have two plants coming up this spring that we can't identify. They're coming up in the same location and so are sort of intertwined, but they're quite different. One looks a bit like a hydranga in that it sends up long stick-like shoots - but they're spreading; single sticks popping up everywhere, several inches of space in-between them. It also sort of looks like an avocado plant in terms of the leaves. The sticks have single leaves along their length. One looks a bit palm-ish in that the shoots come up from a central clumping spot and the branches fan out into pretty, complicated leaves. Some of those shoots got hit when I was moving a trash container, and they wilted but they came back to life when I put them in a vase with water. Thanks for your help -

Alexandria Virginia

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That's part of the fun of discovering the gardens of a new home.
The first photo looks like it could be peonies, which bloom beautiful flowers around late May.
The other photo is less identifiable at this time. It looks like it may have a bud. More leaves and seeing what the bloom looks like will help. You can attach photos to this reply when the time comes.