Pine Beetle & Bronze Birch Borer Infestations

Asked April 5, 2016, 5:13 PM EDT


I live in Clark County. I have pine beetle and bronze birch borer infestations. Are there systemic treatments and what products are available to a homeowner?

Thank you in advance,

Clark County Washington

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Hi Robert,

What tree species are being affected? In both cases pine bark beetles and bronze birch borer, insecticides are timed as a prophylactic not curative. If the trees are infested, an application will not cure the tree.

I'm not sure of the species of either tree but I provided a photo of each. I had an arborist look at the trees on my lot last fall. He said that there was a product commercially available that I could apply to the ground in the spring to treat each issue. Thanks

I do not believe that a systemic is appropriate for these issues. Systemics are most appropriate for some foliar-feeding insects like aphids. Treatment for bronze birch borer is profylactic and won't cure the problem:
Insects boring into pine trees are usually a symptom of other problems such as water stress. In the picture you have sent, I do not see the symptoms that usually accompany bark beetle attack. If you are concerned, I would suggest hiring an arborist to take a look again. Arborists that are ISA certified are excellent. You can find those here: