ID Grass

Asked April 5, 2016, 4:41 PM EDT

My son's lawn has small patches of this grass in his lawn. It's brown and curly now. What is it and how can we get rid of it?

Harford County Maryland

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This looks like nimblewill, which is a perennial grassy weed. It is challenging to control.
Here is our page on it:
Given that it is so interspersed with your grass, you may consider chemical control, as opposed to digging it (mechanical control). If you have more weeds than grass in this area, we'd suggest a lawn renovation by spraying it dead in late summer and re-seeding the area.
Another option is the use of mesotrione, which is the active ingredient of the product called Tenacity. It can be purchased on-line. It is not inexpensive, but you use a very small amount at a time and it works well.