2 General Gardening Questions

Asked April 5, 2016, 2:15 PM EDT

1. Will mixing 1 gal of white vinegar, 2 cups of Epsom Salt and 1/4 cup of Dawn dishwashing soap kill weeds by spraying this on them. 2. Can I use. Epsom Salt as part of a fertilizer program for organic gardening. I am seeing different answers on the web of these questions Thank You Barry Poffinberger

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There is a 12% acetic acid horticultural vinegar used for weed control. Household vinegar is only 6% acetic acid. Epson salts is magnesium sulfate and used to supplement magnesium deficiencies in soil, it contains 10% magnesium and 13% sulfur. The dawn soap acts as a wetting agent ,allowing the mixture to "stick" to the leaves. This combination may cause some weed leaves to curl but will not kill them. Epson salt is organic and has been used in growing tomatoes ,peppers and roses, Among other benefits, it enhances the chlorophyll pigment in plants.