Garden placement

Asked April 5, 2016, 11:44 AM EDT

I have a sand mound and I wanted to start some kind of garden close to it whether it be a veggie sweet corn n even maybe strawberries. The area was overgrown with some kind of fast growing trees n green briars and thorn trees. The soil seems very well drained n suitable for a 2nd garden and it has very good sunlight. My 1st garden is full thus the reason for a 2nd

Blair County Pennsylvania

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It's important to keep trees and deep rooted plants away from your sand mound. The roots can interfere with the plumbing and cause expensive repairs. Turf grass and ground covers are a good choice for the mound itself. Also, shallow rooted plants are okay.
Here is a link to a publication about landscaping septic systems. They recommend keeping edibles away from the drainage field. They also urge wearing gloves when you handle the soil on the septic field because of e-coli and other harmful pathogens.