Shade tree suggestions

Asked April 5, 2016, 10:39 AM EDT

Hello, I'm located in Charles County Maryland. I would like to plant a few shade trees around my house. I can find lists on the Internet on trees to avoid but no recommendation on what trees are best planted near a home. Can you tell me where I can find information on recommended trees to plant?

Charles County Maryland

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We would recommend native tree because they support an incredible number of pollinators and other beneficials. Truly incredible.

Some suggestions would be: sweet gun, black gum, white oak [and other native oaks], red maple [other native maples except boxelder. Silver maple can also be a little messy if it is real close to a house.]

If you have lots of room, you can consider sycamore, beech or tulip poplar.

It's attractive to mix in some of the smaller trees for color (flowers) or bark, such as redbud, dogwood, oxydendron or even franklinia.

A lot will depend on the space. Check the ultimate width of the tree canopy.

If you have some specific ideas, we'd be glad to discuss those.
There is a superb book, now on the internet, of native plants for Maryland. You can Google it. It gives photos, soil conditions of each plant (important if you have sandy soil) and the rest of the plant's needs. See: Ntive Plant for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Lanscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed.