Couch infested with bed bugs

Asked April 3, 2016, 10:11 PM EDT

I think my couch is infested with bed bugs or dust mites. Something is biting me the legs only when I Lie on this couch. Will steam cleaning the couch and applying the necessary products eradicate the problem or do I have to get rid if the couch?

Puerto Rico

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Dust mites do not bite. They are very tiny mites that live among, and feed on, dust and dander in homes. They are only of concern in that they produce allergens that affect some people. If a couch is infested with bed bugs it should be apparent upon close inspection. See this page for pictures of bed bugs

Steam is sometimes used by professionals to dis-infest couches; but it is a slow process and probably best done by an experienced professional. If the couch is heavily infested and not very valuable to you, yes discarding the couch may be a good idea; but most couches are expensive to replace and for those I recommend a treatment by a professional. BTW, if you have bed bugs on your couch, chances are they are also throughout your home and you will want to employ a professional anyway.