deer repellant/fox repellant

Asked April 3, 2016, 5:48 PM EDT

I use cayenne pepper for squirrel repellant, Is there anything natural or other that will keep deer from eating my hosats, hydrangeas, etc. Last year in one night almost fifty plants were totally devoured in early fall. I live in Balto. City where deer seem to be multiplying. Also, there is a fox who hides eggs on my property and I find empty eggshells. I have seen the fox numerous times, including carrying an egg in his mouth. I live on a hill in Mt. Washington.

Baltimore Maryland

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Foxes are actually beneficial. They eat a lot of small rodents, such as white-footed mice which spread the Lyme disease tick much more than deer do. We do not recommend discouraging foxes.

Many of the deer repellents available have natural ingredients such as garlic or pepper. Read the labels. They work quite well. Liquid Fence, in particular, does well at not clogging sprayers. Deer are destroying the natural environment, including our parks, as well as our landscapes. You may want to contact your local representatives about increased deer control because it is only going to get worse.

One tactic with deer is to plant whatever is NOT their favorite diet. This page on our website has a link to a very good listing of plants:

Also, if you fence or protect many shrubs or frees when they are young and tender, deer will leave them alone when they get more mature/bigger. We may be able to give you suggestions for a specific plant or situation.