begonias and dahlias

Asked April 3, 2016, 12:40 PM EDT

Hello, I started begonia tubers about a month ago and they are growing nicely and it looks like they are almost ready to put into bigger pots. [i have been following your advice on growing the plants] Should I repot them into a larger pot and use potting soil or the vermiculite mix that I started them in? Also, when do I start feeding them? My dahlias are growing like crazy and getting a little leggy. Should I repot them now and do I switch to potting soil? When do I start feeding these guys? Thanks for your help! I sure appreciate your website. Lucy

Stearns County Minnesota

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Thank you for your questions regarding your begonias and dahlias. Begonias like to be tight in their pots. They should not be repotted until their roots fill their current pot. When repotting a soil-less mix is preferred (as you mention). Fertilizing can begin now. It is recommended to mix it at 1/4 to 1/2 half of the strength recommended mix on the fertilizer. Dahlias can be reported and potting soil should be used. Fertilizing practice is as mentioned for the begonias.