kitchen scraps

Asked April 3, 2016, 10:20 AM EDT

I've never had luck with a compost bin and therefore wondered if it's ok to bury kitchen scraps in the vegetable garden I'm starting this year. I've read that burying at least 6" down will keep critters from digging it up. I did bury scraps last year in my perennial garden and honestly ran out of room to dig...Is it safe to bury in a veggie garden? Does it promote disease or anything?

Carver County Minnesota

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I don't see why not, check for more information. If you cannot dig just cover with mulch.

But don't give up on composting. Unfortunately it is not just throwing waste together.
It is science, but simple. There must me oxygen (so not tightly compacted), moisture (but not too much), green (nitrogen) stuff, and even more brown (carbon) stuff. Often failure is with insufficient carbon, but could be any of the above. It is easy, but
read the rules. Good luck from a gardener in MD.