pine needles in lawn

Asked April 2, 2016, 10:58 AM EDT

Is there a "best" way to remove pine needles from lawn from a blue spruce planted in 1940's? Rake? Blow? Vacuum? I generally remove a 30 gallon garbage can of needles from the half of the yard nearest the tree in the spring and remove 1-2 times during the year depending on the amount of needles. Needless to say, all the needles are hard on the lawn - Thanks

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Are these needles directly under the tree? How close to the tree does the lawn grow? There is going to be competition between lawn and tree root needs, so growing grass close to or under an established tree like this is challenging. Access to sunlight for grass near or under trees can also inhibit its growth. An area around the tree without grass may be beneficial. Also wondering if you are seeing any branch dieback or other distress in your spruce. I'm wondering if you are losing more needles than should be expected. Blue spruce tend to be susceptible to several diseases in MN as they age. Here are some links for information about some problems with spruce. You could have an arborist come evaluate your tree if you suspect problems. For needle removal, are you able to get some of the needles removed by running the lawn mower over the top with the bag attached? If you compost, it is possible to incorporate some needles into compost. Other removal methods may be more based on your preference, and what is feasible in the area you are working on. For any spring cleanup, it is recommended to wait until the ground is not too wet - damage can be caused to grass that is raked or otherwise worked on too early in the season.

pine needles in the lawn

pine needles in lawn