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Asked April 1, 2016, 6:21 AM EDT

Hello Mr/Ms Expert,

I'm in Tanzania, looking for the possibilities of the US vegetable market, esp. onion. What factors do I need to consider to penetrate the market from Africa.


Outside United States

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Selling fresh product for export adds a layer of complexity beyond what is involved with selling into domestic markets. According to the National Onion Association , the United States imports about 12- 15 million 50 lb bags annually. This demand is met mainly through Mexico, Canada , Peru and Chile. In order to capture a share of this market you would need a distribution channel into US markets and would also need to determine what comparative advantage you would offer relative to other growers currently selling to US consumers. Perhaps a good first step would be to locate a broker who is in the business of sourcing onions for sale into US markets. That may help you decide if the price point and scale requirements are such that you can profitably sell into US markets.